Kundalini Yoga for Menopause

seventh chakra

Saturday, February 24, 2007
1:00-3:00 pm
Third Coast Yoga Studio
17 S. Second St., Grand Haven
$15 by Feb. 21 $20 after Feb. 21

Open to all levels

Did you know that menopausal symptoms can begin as early as age 30 and last as long as age 90?

And that Kundalini Yoga can provide powerful emotional and hormonal support during this amazing time of spiritual growth and transformation?

Join Gretchen Cline, RYT, and explore how Kundalini Yoga can strengthen your glandular and nervous systems during the different stages of menopause. Explore yoga postures, breath techniques, mantra, guided imagery, and meditation.

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    Use yoga to heal and transform your body, psyche, and soul.
    Revitalize your connection to creativity, well-being, and bliss.
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