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"Spotlight on Third Coast Yoga Studio"

By Julie Hurley, reprinted from Natural Awakenings Magazine, August 2012

Yogini Gretchen Cline of Third Coast Yoga has been an educator for most of her professional career, which spans almost 30 years. In fact, part of her ascribed spiritual name, Gurubanda Kaur, means "teacher, transforming wisdom". The rest means "locked or strong foundation" and "the lioness who walks in beauty".

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Meditation Improves Cognition in those with Memory Loss

The Alzheimer's Research and Prevention Foundation announced data demonstrating that a specific meditation performed daily for eight weeks increased brain activity in areas central to memory and actually improved cognition in patients suffering from memory problems. The results of the study, conducted at the University of Pennsylvania, were published in an early online version of an article that appeared in the Journal of Alzheimer's Disease1 (Volume 20:2, April 2010).

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